So close…

Today was weight in, I was up before my alarm excited to see the fruits of my labour. This past week was HARD! Shaun week pushed me farther then I have ever been pushed before and for that I am thankful. Did I want to give up? 100 times I did, the sweat pouring into my eyes burning them, the temperature 81 degrees in my house, my legs shaking from underneath me and my arms left feeling like jello.

28 pounds down. 4.1 pounds in the last week, thank you Shaun week! here I sit 2 pounds away from my first goal with roughly 20 days left until my goal deadline. My spirit cannot be broken today.

If you had asked me back in January, when everyone makes their weight loss new years resolution if I thought I would be here today I would have laughed. I had no reason to believe I would, I had never accomplished this before, I was constantly lost in the world of weight loss, trying to figure out what was the right way or the easy way to loose weight. It wasn’t until April when I somewhat apprehensively signed up for Beachbody that I found a program that worked for me. The portion control made eating less stressful then counting calories, Beachbody on demand made working out less of a chore and more effective, and my coach made getting the support I needed easy.

So today my post is one of happiness, joy, and encouragement. Here I sit 2 pounds away from my goal in roughly 10 weeks. I never thought it could be me, but it can. It can also be you if you just believe. Shoot me a message if your interested in Joining me on my journey!


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