The right mind set

They say half the battle is in the mind, with weight-loss I’d wager its more like 99% of the battle is in the mind. When the physical fatigue goes away and the cravings subside its still not an easy journey.

physically working out is not the hard part, its our inability to find joy in it that makes it hard to stick with, its the boredom of running on a treadmill with 12 other people running beside you on their treadmills, the confusion you feel when you walk into the gym not knowing where to start, the doubting of yourself after your done working out “did I workout long enough, hard enough, did I do the right things” its the overwhelming fear of failure that makes us stop before we even start. our minds constantly over thinking causing us to under act. I’ve been there, this was me for easily 10 years. countless gym memberships, never straying far from the elliptical because that was my comfort zone. The fear of other people seeing me fail at something more challenging froze me in my place, I’d look at the other people working various parts of their bodies with various machines, sweat pouring down their face and wonder if I needed all the bells and whistle machines to accomplish my weight loss goals. while in time I casually tried other machines, took the odd fitness course to learn to use them I never did succeed.

Food for me was the harder part and likely the more important of the two, I simply had no true knowledge of how to create a sustainable lifestyle that allowed me to feel full, enjoy food, and fuel my body with proper nutrients. It was easier for me to not eat then to eat properly, this always resulted in binging on junk food; not because I was hungry the hunger goes away fairly quickly but because I was pissed off. I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it work, I was frustrated that other people could eat what ever they wanted and maintain a light weight, I was confused by all the articles I read online with conflicting information. This without fail always led to me eventually giving up.

Why did I not succeed? because my mind wasn’t in it. I was the arbiter of my workouts, no one told me when to start or when to stop, when to push harder, squat deeper,or just keep going. That was all up to me, I didn’t want to be there, I was bored and felt hopeless so I would put in my time and live up to my self fulfilling prophecy of “it just isn’t working”.  I was left to my own devices with trying to figure out what is and is not a good food option and how to change my habits. I know I am not alone, I know these problems I encountered are not rare but actually quite common, just know if your reading this and see yourself in my words, you are not alone, it can be done, and it can be done with ease. Its not easy but it doesn’t have to be mentally taxing either.

3 months, I am almost at 3 months. My whole outlook on food has changed (most of the time) I have fun discovering new healthy delicious recipes and fun quick workouts that keep me engaged. Without the help of my coach and Beach Body I would still be sitting here 28 pounds heavier, feeling sick as a dog after shoveling way too much pizza into my mouth.


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