why I don’t count calories…

Let me preface this by saying I am not knocking calorie counting, it works for many many people. It just doesn’t work for me.

Why doesn’t it work for me? maybe someone reading this will relate and hopefully it will help you make the changes you need to make to succeed. The whole premise with calorie counting is you have to be in a caloric deficit meaning you must burn more then you consume but that doesn’t take into account the quality of food consumed or any other nutritional needs. I am a master manipulator, not of people, just of food. My old habits aren’t being forced to change when I calorie count so my lazy ass doesn’t change them. I can easily skip breakfast and not feel hungry until 1 or 2pm, then I push through till I’m done work and grab a fast food Muffin on the way to get my husband or go home. that leaves me with the bulk of my daily calories left at dinner time. That’s when I binge, even a 1,200 cal diet leaves room for McDonalds or chips and chocolate, maybe pizza or some other restaurant meal. and that is how I manipulate calorie counting. Can I stay within my caloric limit? absolutely! but do I loose weight or see a change? NO!

Counting calories doesn’t force me to get enough protein, eat the right types of carbs, healthy fats or a round meal in general. My body runs sluggish still, it doesn’t have the nutrients I need to run optimally or help build muscle when working out, it doesn’t give me energy or help with gut problems, it doesn’t help with portion control (I can eat a whole box of those 100 cal snacks but what good is that going to do?)

So what do I do instead? I use the portion fix system by Beachbody, I frigging love it. It is a set of containers for the various food groups (fruit, veg, protein, carbs etc.) you are given a personalized meal plan based on your age, height, and weight. from there you are assigned a certain amount if each container and you just fill up that container that many times a day and BAM you have a ton of veg in your diet or BAM you have all the protein you need to help with muscle building. This forces me to eat a round diet each and every day. it’s all about whole foods, get rid of the pre-packaged junk, no you cannot fill the carb container with Oreo’s 😦 The best part is I am never starving, the amount you get isnt small because when your fueling yourself with whole foods your body can do a lot more with it.

Portion fix


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