No one can tell me how to feel about my body.

I don’t like my body, I mean I like parts of it but not it as a whole and that should be perfectly acceptable. If you love your body no matter the size then you keep on rocking it, I just don’t love mine.

I am not upset about it, I no longer try to convince myself to love my body instead I am working hard to make it a body I will love. My desires aren’t excessive, my goal weight is still considered over weight and I don’t dare wish for the body of a model, that’s just not what I want for myself. So, when I see people on either side of the spectrum telling me or others how they should feel about their bodies it infuriates me. “you shouldn’t be happy being overweight” “you should learn to love your body instead of trying to change it” irks me.

now, lets get this straight, I am pro the body positive movement, girls who are larger and rock it are amazing, girls who are thin and rock that are also amazing.

So what brings on this topic? an acquaintance of mine who I have on Facebook uses and promotes a different weight loss supplement then I use. This women has worked her butt off to loose the weight and she promotes her product on her account. she does not use negative wording she does nothing but encourage those who are interested in loosing weight and offers up her option when this was posted.

all body

now, as loving and encouraging as this could be in the right context, this was not that place. The person who posted this does not know everyone’s story, she does not know what is motivating these people to try and loose weight and frankly its none of her business. She had no right to question my acquaintances motives or her clients motives, it did not come across as body positive but as critical of their decision.

If someone is trying to better themselves for any reason, it is not up to anyone else to disagree with them.