A little about myself

Hey all, I just wanted to take the opportunity  to tell y’all about myself. I live in Canada, Americas hat, I am the mom to two cats and a rabbit, I like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners by candle light…..Oh wait, this is an introduction not a dating profile.

Lets try that again. So Im 28 and have struggled my whole adult life with being overweight. I was always a larger girl but it wasn’t until my mid teens that I really had an issue with it. I’ve dieted on and off, tried other shakes, bought countless gym memberships and always gave up when I saw little to no improvement. I tried to be Body positive and just be happy at my size but that was not the route for me. I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic late last year and sat in my doctors office crying. One of the things I always told myself is that I may be overweight but it didn’t have any medical issues from it so “it was ok”.

after that I saw a dietitian and she was lovely but much more focused on the diabetes management then the weight loss which is fair, that’s her job. she was able to get me into a fitness program but again life got in the way. I got my first job in my field and her program which had strict times was no longer a viable option. I truly felt like giving up on myself, I decided to take one last shot and damn I’m glad I did. It was around that time that my coach Amy followed up with me once again, after me quietly watching her for at least a year. From there I talked to her about the program she used and coached. Now Here I am, 2 month into my journey and I am down 24 pounds and up a ton of confidence.